[ I thought about how funny it was, that I called one of my previous blog posts ‘Bonus Jonas’ because it was a youtube video post and I like to give names to everything. That being said, I would probably keep that moniker, for whenever I make a music post, or post a songy song from Youtube (I know it was just a plain ass weird youtube video, but I’m onto something if I do it this way). plus the acronym is adorable. So here it is. Your ‘Morning BJ‘… Please, have a listen while you read this blog.]

[Now the rest of it…]

I once had the idea of sex sold to me as a Pringles advertising campaign. This was also said by the same person who wished that I wait to have sex. I don’t know if she meant wait for her or wait forever, but it didn’t matter! I was never sexually active in high school, nor did I ever want to be. Plus we don’t even know who we are anymore (Probably).

That’s the thought that occurred to me, while I couldn’t sleep last night. Instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours while the lady tries to get her sleep on, I sat in a dark living room with my laptop, hoping that I’ll lose interest and get sleepy.

I don’t think that really happened, but I went back to bed around 1-ish. Tossing and turning a bit before finally dozing off, and having a pleasantly normal dream with a very odd happenstance. I was sleeping, and got up to use the washroom/do my business then promptly went back to sleep. The next morning, getting out of bed, the GF asked if there was something wrong with my leg, and as I look down, I notice the knee-cap on my left leg was missing.

“That’s a bit strange…” I thought. Especially since my leg seems totally unaffected by it. So I proceeded to look around. A thing to note, there were all these notches on my leg that made it look like It was built like a piece of Lego (or some sort of toy) and I could just pop it back into place as soon as I could find it. I think I looked for a good 20 minutes and it was nowhere in the room, lady just looking at my like she’s baffled how I could even lose a kneecap in the first place. (IKNOERITE?!)

Then it occurred to me, the last room I occupied was the washroom. So I looked, and did I find it? Let’s just say I should be happy I didn’t flush the toilet, because there it was at the bottom of the Bowl. Man, I was grossed out by that, but I grabbed it, cleaned it thoroughly and popped it back on.

Then I guess I went back to sleep.

I like sleeping at the Lady’s house not just for the love + company, but for the travel. Her being in Surrey, basically forces an hour of travel on me. By the time I get home, I am awake and ready to face the day. So here’s hoping I can get a lot done.

If anything.


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