The Hour of Power Hour

I have this image of a short running around in my head.

It always has something to do with a man waking up on a bench, and Kenneth sitting at the other end of it, telling a story on why he’s being ridiculous.

I has never gotten further than that core idea.

It’s slowly unraveling.. I guess. The bench is a dream, for the most part. It would have to be, Kenneth doesn’t really exist. (if you know me and the stories I’ve written, you’d know Kenneth.) The Plains of a Dream scape is fair game.  Another thing I’m asking myself is, does the man know what he’s going to get into? or will it catch him off guard? if he does know, how long has he known Kenneth? What exactly would Kenneth be bugging him about?

Kenneth is a man of very few tricks. He’s a story teller, Exists as a means to keep the world in perpetual motion. He never would directly keep in contact with some one unless he needs them for something. Probably having to so with something they did, that is disrupting the flow.

But he’s also a fair man, and has never done an evil deed. Even if someone were to deem it evil. So Here we have a setup for another short I’ll never get to do. But at least I’ll have written it.

it also fits sooo perfectly in the lore of Acid Clockwerk. Well, At best I should write it.


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