A Weekend fit for a king, I’d think.

Wonky for a bit of days, I was struck with a feeling of discomfort by means of a cold. Nothing new, I get colds all the time. I switch off my body heat from time to time, and one evening was just the perfect moment to be unnaturally frozen. Could have been the beer, could have been the rain. perhaps I should have just piled on the blankets that night to sleep. But since then I’ve have to deal with the common cold that makes me terrible in the morning, scrounging to be healthy.

Only to be disappointed… But I’m fine now.

Aside from spending the money I shouldn’t be spending, I ate a double down over the weekend. Now let me just take the moment to make a big deal about how awesome it is. The kind of awesome that sets you back many generations and helps you feel like a caveman. Two pieces of Chicken with cheese and bacon wedged in-between. If that’s not tasty, then there’s probably something better tasting. Here is a picture of it’s greatness:

Kinda of makes you feel all gross doesn’t it? I’m sure there’s a quiet feeling of disappointment from the GF. But you know, Chicken is my favorite meat to eat, even if it was manufactured skeptical plate of delicious-ness that could out of KFC. I ate it, I liked it, I would have it again. (Not all the time though.. Moderation for crying out loud.)

Sunday was a quiet affair of cleaning up the house a bit and washing the laundry but not drying it, Playing RockBand 3 just because it’s there, and reflecting on life as a whole. I am happy still and I’m not sure if that should worry me. After all, my natural state of being is misery. As happy as I am as well, there’s still things I need to get off my chest, a plethora of people I need to talk to.

Maybe I can just sit back and let the discomfort consume me. I can go through life being successful but having everything I want to do in the back of my head. (and that’s just going to suck, don’t you think?)

Sometime I like to remember all the good times from my first year in Vancouver, and compare to how it is now. ho-hum


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