This whole thing was a disaster, I’m dissapointed!

Here we go, let’s talk about my bad acting… if only for a bit.

Okay, I can admit that there are some times when my heart really isn’t in something. Maybe I’m a bit overwhelmed (but that would be an understatement.) There was an audition with an interesting concept that I would have been all for. but my voice, my actions/mannerisms just were not all that into it. Environment throwing me off. The fact that we were just jumping into things with no real direction at all. Yes. Yes, I’d feel like an idiot, I probably looked like one.

Then a distraction of women all over the place in lululemon attire. bah!

The SFU campus on Woodward is quite an amazing looking building though, I really dig the rooms. I think we may have found a new set to film some Ghostchair stuff, it’s only a matter of asking. It’s good to know that I haven’t been burnt out by it, but it’s just a shame that it’s taking forever to do. But there’s always going to be things that get in the way, and stuff will never go the way you want it.

So where was I? oh yes. I should probably spend some time looking around the campus and see if there’s any actual rooms I can utilize, especially for a boardroom And then we’ll be back in business. (or film entirely different things all together.) So things may look a bit silly in one direction, but there’s another road that looks a little promising again.

Last night, I finally saw a commercial that I auditioned for many months back. It was A commercial for a cigarette patch. I didn’t get the part, But I watched the commercial thinking about everything I went through in the audition.  I think that this is the first time I ever saw the finished product of something that i tried out for. You’d have to remember that I don’t really watch tv that much, and I’ve only ever auditioned for one commercial, everything else has always been tv show roles. So it gives me a bit of a different perspective is it’s something I’m going to end up seeing a lot more than once.

oh well, it’s cool. I will be lucky when I get my new set of headshots and be able to do a lot more auditions again, this dry rut is killing me a bit, financially and mentally.

On the Agenda of creativity, with the absence of ghostchair, This Invisible Cat idea is ridiculous, but ridiculous enough to work. It’s important to come up with things like this, I think. taking the conventional think that the internet finds amazing and twisting it around for my own creative benefit is important. It’s both pandering and Meandering. (Take that Internet! you stupid dummy!)

Your link for today is about words I couldn’t quite convey about Glee on tuesday, and why the rocky Horror episode shouldn’t have been my first exposure to the series. Of course, to it’s credit, the opening was great. I can’t remember if I mentioned the weirdest thing about it, being that the characters always feel so disconnected from who they are when they start singing, am I the only one who thinks that? I’ll end up watching more, so see if I’m just imagining it, But that’ll be in the back of my mind and possibly be up for more discussion in another blog (wow… I’m seriously blogging about Glee here, aren’t I?)

Oh, and two days to go and I’m still as confused as ever in finding a Halloween costume. Shock! Horror! My journey to be gay Wolverine may have to come to an unsuccessful end, and I am deeply saddened, but maybe I could just say I’m Hugh Jackman again this year, and see how many people get it. (one guy managed to last year! It was amazing, first dude who said anything to me, on a bus! On the way to the sky train! pow!)

QUESTIONS?! COMMENTS?! Some other time! I’m going to drown my sorrows in coffee till ladyfriend gives me the hug of a thousand Greek Goddesses… You know, the sexy kind...


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