Glee night in the garden of good and evil

Yesterday I took it upon myself to sleep for the majority of it. Not exactly my idea of fun, but as recommended by the lady.  She wasn’t wrong! After some hot rolo-cocoa and a good hard nap, I felt glee-ful. PUNS! Actually, I woke up just in time to make it downtown and meet with ms, and we wandered the downtown in search for printing of my headshots and a hot cup o’ tea. Both were done, with as little as my money as possible.

I say that because I have next-to-none right now, and it hurts my stomach. (Street Pizza you can always rely on to be there for you when you’ve got no flow though. Thank godsorwhateveryoubelievein.)

7pm rolled around and was time for another Glee night at the J-Lounge. JOY! There was a bigger turn out this time around because it was not a re-run night, so the place was filled with those that wished to see it. madame and her friends along with Zac and his. Lots of people in one room.

This is usually the part where I just sit there quietly and let it all pan out. Trained to perform in front of many, but still bloody well shy. Zac once again pulls through with a “I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I’m going to do it anyway.” Moniker and I applaud him for that.

Now, this being the first time I’ve ever watched glee I have my doubts about it upfront. I feel as though it bastardizes the music at times with their pop-ish Disney gafawga voices. And Jane Lynch is the same fucking character in everything she does. If you do a cover you should at least make it your own, because if you try to mimic the song in it’s entirety, at least hit the right notes.

But I will try my best to give it the benefit of the doubt. Because this was a glee episode that was all Rocky Horror Picture show themed, so there’s absolutely nothing about these songs that will drive the story along, it’s just a bunch of rocky horror songs sung by the cast of glee.

Some of it was good, some of it I’m probably just being far too judgmental. You know, because I hate popular things. (I should put that on my business card.)

I do think the Britney character is funny though.


2 thoughts on “Glee night in the garden of good and evil

  1. (if i comment, will everyone be able to see it?)

    i am similarly skeptical of the Glee scene but it was entertaining enough !
    -“what are you being for hallowe’en?” -“a peanut allergy”!

    goshdarn, wish i’d thought of that.

    if i were popular, would you dislike me ? :( jejejeje i will see you tomorrowww!

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