Bert is no-mo

I almost want to file this under ‘the most absurd thing I’ve read this morning.’ Surfing through Gawker I stumbled upon the article Did Bert from Sesame Street come out as Gay on Twitter? It baffled me. but here’s the alleged tweet.

Bert: Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr. T’s? The only difference is mine is a little more ‘mo,’ a little less ‘hawk.’

Apparently to the gay community ‘Mo’ is a slang word for Homosexual. I guess I must be out of touch, (see: living under a rock) because after reading that, my mind when immediately to Mohair.

I get it. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been growing up for a while now, and it’s always been rumored/joked that Bert and Ernie were a gay couple. but the Slang word ‘Mo’ seems like a stretch. It’s like considering ‘Te’ to be the slang word for Hetero.

I can’t see that there’s anything wrong with it regardless; Sesame Street does have a lot of acknowledgment for the gay community, along with it’s fair share of tongue-in-cheek moments. But it just comes off as bizarre to have have people on the edge of their seat in anticipation, wait for two male roommates to come out of the closet.  Characters designed for child programming, being pestered about(/into?) homosexuality takes the fun out of the obscurity of the characters. Then it no longer becomes a show for kids, and more about lifestyle choices. And then Parents worry about how watching certain characters on certain kids shows will change their perception, and nothing will be innocent and child-like anymore because everybody forgets that a lot of these puppets are pretty damn well asexual, but one of them just happens to have aids.

I’m all for gay people to have their role models to grow up with, but it doesn’t feel right projecting yourself onto them (as it were) and believe that they are gay, just because they’re different in their own right.

And If I’m completely wrong about everything and that does actually mean that Bert is gay, then I’ll stand corrected because maybe I sound like an asshole (it’s a very easy thing to do over the internet). but it could at least be an argument for future reference.


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