Auspicious atrocities in absence of adamant acknowledgement

Tuesday evening, the lady and I partook in an adventure to the J-Lounge where our friend Zac, for some reason, took the mantle of hosting a glee night.

you see, Glee night is a night filled with a bunch of musically themed acts, followed by an episode of Glee. It was Zac’s first time, and he didn’t have a lot of acts but gosh darn, the man pulls through and he did okay. I may have to go again next week, and support him any way I can.

So remember:
AT J-Lounge
7:00pm TUESDAY

It would be really helpful if there was any kind of act out there that would totally like to come along and help out with the evening, so it doesn’t seem like such a drag.

This evening also served as the second evening in a row that I did not spend in my apartment. It doesn’t seem like much and it probably wasn’t. I was far to tired to care/think expect for a charmingly embarrassing conversation between a man and a woman that stuck with me the entire evening. (Honestly, I love the humor we both find in some things.) But, now the rest of the week will be spent at home on my poor little ass. Until Saturday, I will assist el loved one in a kickassery style meal for her family. (Word is, bruschetta is already on the menu.)

The morning was a bit odd, It was a good sleep in a long time I woke up delightfully. but I couldn’t help but hear a little bit of grumpiness in my voice today. Perhaps it was because I was still a bit tired, but it’s funny I can catch myself doing something a bit off, but still continue to act that way.

Maybe I’m really not a morning person.


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