For your Considerbation…

I had some time to dwell on this, during my daily ritual of self ignorance. This new song out by Willow Smith, Daughter of Will Smith. The Fresh Prince, Big Willy Style, Willenium! Something about whipping hair back and forth, like a crazy cool song to bump to. Willow is just a child but there’s some sort of weird maturity to the song that doesn’t make you feel bad for it being even ‘remotely’ catchy.

But I gave a moment for thoughts to collect in my head. Noting the only thing that happened on my trip with the sky train; a cat licking it’s balls. (Which is a lot less vulgar/confusing than ‘a pussy licking itself.’)

I couldn’t think of anything witty other than, look at evidence A & B.



(*Being a Canadian Citizen I’m denied to look at the actual music video. so fuck it, you get this!)

There’s a couple of things that weird me out. Willow is only 9 years old. and according to that music video, she dresses like and asshole! Will better raise that kid right! Jaden is doomed as an actor as far as I’m concerned.

It’s funny how easy these kids kind of get it, I remember years back when Will Smith was nothing but a young little rapper than got a lot of notoriety with MTV when it was still a reputable channel. (See: Yo! MTV Raps!) He worked hard to get to where he is! Argue all you want, the dude is a good entertainer and he deserved it. The kids are a different story because they get to ride the coat tails of their parents success. Which makes the perception of them completely different, and the future of their careers unimportant, even to themselves.

It’s a weird feeling to sit here and be critical of children but I figured I could be topical and cool. My normal broadcast day of my boring life will continue some other time.


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