Anything less, is more-so.

I’ll put it simply. I don’t know if what I’m to type will make any sense because I’m watching “Yo-Yo girl cop.” while typing this and let’s face it, this is  YO-YO GIRL COP!

My weeks are nice, lovely, whimsical. you know, I shared a conversation on my way to the skytrain with my friend Tyler last night. where I piffed the notion that I have absolutely nothing to worry about. This is clear. maybe I have the right to be melodramatic and claim that I am dead inside. Maybe that it’s something I can clear on my taxes! the past two years emotionally distraught followed by hermit tax. perhaps I will claim it and get some money back from the government only to immediately give it back to them. (shaking hands under the table, as it were.)

Where was I going with this?

I guess I really ought to start worrying about myself though, lately money seems to be getting tighter and tighter. I blame myself obviously and my career choice. as heard from a conversation.

Casey: You’ve only been acting? no other job?
Me: Yes..
Casey: You are a braver man than me sir.
Me: Or a complete idiot.

It’s true, I’m stubborn and absent minded when it comes to serious life things. But I promised my new life that I will do one better. No matter how great though, it’s still a little too much waiting to happen on my part. (I’ve since been in one amazing audition/callback that if anything promises pay weather it’s big or small. Filming won’t happen till February and it’s still unclear if I have the job or not. Only time can tell. Dear sweet, ‘taking it’s’ time.)

I’m afraid the distraction of Yo-Yo Girl Cop is far too strong and I really must go.

I will have to take it upon myself to make a video for the ghost chair channel explaining it’s very long absence. I am very sad that it ended up the way it did right now. It’s obviously something not in my control, otherwise there would be an update every day. So I’ll make something, and make it accountable. maybe also a youtube video for the art thread explaining how everything is slow and recent events have just made it difficult to draw every day.

oh well, days go by and my things and people in my life are still pretty awesome.

<3 to a recent facebook photo.


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