Whoever controls the Spice, HAS TO COOK!

Yesterday, there was something in me that prompted I cook for my Lady. So naturally I took to the local IGA in search for friendly foods, to frump together. Naturally I would just get together a bunch of different things that I feel like, throw them into a pot and see what happens. But the Lady is a Vegetarian you see, thus I began to form an open mind.

She showed me around before when we were looking for breakfast foods, but it still kind of flew past my head. Vegetarian food formed into the shape of a meaty dish. Ham, chicken breast, ground beef, all of them not remotely close to what they look like. Interesting concept. So I took the ground beef because it looked the most like cat food, thinking it would be no harm at all. Some noodley things as well (so far my knowledge of vegetarian food is really just, pasta is ok for her to eat).

AND THEN WE COOKED IT. (Although it was pre-cooked. so all we really did was warm it up.)

Better than I thought it was going to be, turns out it’s chalk full of spices and the like (probably to make sure it doesn’t taste remotely terrible.) It was a little strange to see it soak up the pasta sauce like a sponge. but whatever, that adds to the flavor! Counting this as the second time I got to cook for her, and I absolutely love it. This could probably go for anyone, but there’s a really good feeling that I get for cooking a meal for someone. Which is astounding considering I worked in a restaurant for 3 years and grew to not like it very much. (but I did learn much about cooking.)

But this is where any of you can come in, Drop me some vegetarian dishes that you think are awesome. That way I can expand my culinary vocabulary. (currently searching for the ‘best ever’ veggie shepard’s pie recipe!)


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