The one where I stand on my head.

I’m not sure why it happened, but I mentioned something last night about how I want to stand on my head more. Naturally what follows is “you should put that shit on youtube.” So there you go… I am your monkey.

The past couple of days I’ve found a strange liking to music from Billy Hatcher. it’s colourful, happy music is nice, but I guess that’s expected from a game that builds an entire mantra around ‘waking up in the morning.’ but I probably applaud anything that uses Brass instruments.

I like this one the most (apparently) as it gets my blood pumping and my body motivated for something. which is good, in t-minus a bunch of hours from now I’ll be pouring my heart out in front of a camera.

Did I mention I have a big love for video game soundtracks? This stuff is usually unappreciated because of where it comes from, and people only recognize 8-bit tracks of old as “hey this is that thing I remember.” or acknowledged in a hipster doofus sense.

Now now, I’m not going to get all ranty, but this is just what’s on my plate today. can’t really talk or think much unless it’s acting related.


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