Let’s all be jack asses over them internets.

I can totally understand it you know, anonymity over the internet is a pretty awesome thing. you can just yell, complain, piss and fart all over people, then they’ll do the same. And everyone all over the place will have a screaming match.

If anything, it’s a pretty fun way to waste time.

Although I can’t really play the anonymity card, because people know me over the internet. If they don’t, I have a tendency to tell them who I am. I’ve spent enough time on the internet doing things that I can just gloat about how awesome I am (as long as it’s over the internet). But I’m trailing off a bit here, so let’s get back on track.

Yesterday, basking in the glory of finishing the second draft, I go to a hip and cool hangout spot over the internets. With the usual fare of young go-getters in this fast-paced super highway. I enter with a lack of brain power. It’s mush you could say. I’m not so much having a conversation as I am rambling like America’s Sweetheart, Gary Busey.

Also, me being the supposed alpha male that I am, have a fair share of kids (they aren’t really kids.) in there that I pick on constantly. I get a kick out of it, and I dunno maybe they do to. The internet calls it ‘trolling’ but the internet is also a moron, but yesterday was one of those days where it got out of hand and weird. You know when you’re in good company to be an asshole and you just start talking and you don’t even know if and when this stuff is getting carried away. Well I’m pretty sure it got to a point where dicks were being talked about for a good 5 minutes.

That’s when I knew I probably had to take a break from everything for a while.

So I did.

but today is exciting because tomorrow will be even more! I got word on my callback. So I have sides to look at and cut a rug to.


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