Modern Expressionism

Maybe my body is just now getting used to me sleeping less? It’s my (or it could be most actors in general.) anxiety for not really being as productive as I want. Anxiety that I seem to be hiding well. I keep expecting something about a call back to pop up as soon as possible, but no avail. Guaranteed it’s coming. but you know, impatience is what I’m always so good at.

So it just needs to get crackin’ in the meantime I really have to be smarter about my existence. but that’s a whole other story I would share to a notebook as I lie on a couch.


Take note of this, the one major thing I had to do yesterday was walk into an EB and get rid of things I no longer want, in exchange for something I don’t really need. With hopes of spending as little money as possible, ended up spending 20 dollars. that kind of irks me a bit. I guess I should have gotten rid of more games. oh well.. what’s done is done. now let’s just try and be smart with money in the meantime.

Then as I walked out of Brentwood I got curious about the lottery ticket that was still sitting in my wallet. So I went to a lottery kiosk to check. BOOM, free ticket! So naturally, I’d go and get another one. as I exchanged dialogue with the lady at the counter I had a weird feeling that her reaction to my joke wasn’t sincere in the slightest. I cannot say, but attempt to replicate. So let’s just set it up here and you can decide:

Her: Look at that! A free play, that’s another chance.

Me: Haha, That’s all I ever get.

Do you see what I mean? That kind of reaction feels like such a novelty in my mind.

Along the way home I was stopped by a chubby funster with a pitch problem (in his voice… and I guess his pitch was pretty bad). He’s apparently been driving around trying to unload a free surround sound system onto anyone who wants it. insisting that is hasn’t been stolen, it was just a mix up in an order and there’s nothing he can do about it? Not even just take it back, apparently?

Look buddy! Surround sound! Imagine Saving Private Ryan with this thing!

[I don’t want it, I’m not going to carry it home and I’m obviously not going to want this guy to drive me home either.]

The strange thing is, it started at free, then to “Whatever amount of money to take out of the bank.” then finally “You can have it for 300$!” I couldn’t do it, even if I wanted to. Something about it screamed ‘Stranger Danger’ and he was attempting to give candy to a 7 year old. Yet, I held my ground and he drove off disappointed. After all, his boss would take it off his hands no questions asked.

What a fun day that was.


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