Fake Science

Yesterday actually proved to be a very good day to get some writing done. (As long as I was out of the house.) The short I’m writing about pre-zombie is almost second draft done. I just had a bit of a struggle filling some blanks, in the middle of it. I think I still do, there was just a tiny bit or so that I left out. That’s fine I think, because I had to get the ball rolling as a whole and these are minor details that can be filled in later.

Fake Science sure is hard though.

But It’s coming along and should be able to have it finished within the week. Then it will soon be hacked to bits, and I will be told that everything is wrong and I need to start from scratch, OH JEEZ THIS WHOLE SCRIPT IS BAD. (just kidding, it’ll be fine and it’ll be awesome.)

When I got home my day got lazy fast. I ended up watching Indigo Prophecy be played by my roommate. It doesn’t seem like a bad game at all, but it’s pretentiousness is THROUGH THE ROOF. If that was me playing the game I probably would have been finished for a month. At least the story telling is a hell of a lot better in Heavy Rain.

I also think that the hype of having the best life in the world has died down. Which is good for now. I don’t have time to gloat or be self important (though it’s healthy to indulge once in a while. I think.) But I have things to do, and new headshots to look at, and pictures to draw. AGAIN. I should be doing these one a day. not little bunches at a time.

Maybe 100 was too big a challenge.


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