[A blog about a dream I had]

I woke up this morning in a fashion that I usually do (or have been lately). The dream ends on a note exclaiming that I should probably get out of there. Most of the time, my dreams are trips to the mundane. Average moments in life, that are no different than having a cup of coffee (Most appropriate, whenever I dream about my Swedish friend, the last bunch have been over coffee and/or cigarettes). Sometimes it’s even about Pancakes, or a trip through the mall.

This dream I recently had, though, gets props for being realistic.

The setting was my home. I knew it as my Home. Everything about it was my home. (The one in the olde country, Manitoba.) It was winter, I was my age, The dog was outside playing in the snow. The tv was on in the background for no reason. I rummaged through the pantry and decided I wasn’t hungry. I think the feeling that I was back in the house as I knew it was comforting. So I sat in the computer room and did my usual.

After a while. The dog was barking, and the door busts open. It was my sister Natalie. Exclaiming that I better get out of there, my father is about to come home. From then I woke up. It’s a strange thing to think about, Hiding from my own father. But that wouldn’t have been the first time that happened. Once I was playing Hookie at home sick from school. I pretty much just laid on the couch. but something indicated to me that my father was coming home for lunch, and I had an overwhelming fear of being home. so I did my best to hide the fact that I was still at home. Backpack, jacket and shoes were thrown in to my closet and I threw myself under various blankets playing dead sleeping.

I hear him come home, and assume that I did a good job and proceed to take the opportunity to sleep. After a good ten minutes or so, I hear my door open and I look out of the covers to see my father. BUSTED! OHHHHHH!

I’m not that sleuthy I guess.

Oh well, today I also suffer through a lot of Neck pain for some reason. Slept on it wrong, I guess. I clearly stated how I needed a neck job, Which segued into a conversation with the roommate about how exactly a neck job would work, surprisingly makes sense, and feels very nice at the same time.


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