There’s no interepretive dance for how I feel.

Rambunctious. Not particularly a word I would use to describe myself, but along the lines of appropriate for today. Days have been going by, each one more perfect than the next. I think I will challenge myself to do better with each moment. Since my birthday, turns have been for the best.

Basically, Life is a good time.

Out and about, The Downtown with the Downtrodden. That’s an anecdote, as there happen to be protesters-by in Gas-town. Taken over the street and moderated by the police. As snarky as I probably was, I hope they do well for themselves. Lady and I wander around hand and hand, with the beginning goal of window shopping, which then turned into flat out wandering. Still a nice day especially in terms of weather.

About the time of making it home, laying on the grass was nice, mayhaps there will be more of that in the future.

Right now though, a bit groggy. In a weird place. Sick maybe? Not sure. Feels like it, but at the same time not really.

This smile I sport though, is authentic as it can be. I have a lot to thank for that.


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