Mast of Manhatta – a (not really a) review

Tracy Bonham is one of those artists I have have a habit of talking about whenever I deem it appropriate, or just happen to have her name in my head and want people to know. If anyone would have any knowledge of her, it would be from her ‘mother mother’ single off of the album ‘The Burdens of being upright.’ Then she’s virtually off the radar for a lot of people. You know, the lazy ones that want music to come to them.

I’ve been an avid listener to her. A fan, if you will. She’s got a wonderful style and over the years it continues to grow quite well. Mast of Manhatta though, is a little strange to me. As it does have a more relaxed/low-key style that I’m usually all for, there’s this overwhelming feeling of rambling when listening to it. I usually complain that most songs I listen to are way to short. But a lot of the songs on this CD have that reverse effect. If anything the album feels more like it’s chalk full of B-sides and warm-up tracks.

And you know what.. maybe it is? But I never thought I’d use the words repetitious and long when describing Tracy’s music. And I kind of hope I never do. There is one saving grace on this album for me called “When you laugh the world laughs with you” It reminds me on why I love her music so much. Great flow, nice lyrics! The song just generally gives me a good feeling.

I would say it’s the one song totally worth it. If anything the song that will have me continue to play the album. Also, I’m not saying that this is bad and shouldn’t be picked up. I’m just saying that I would have to give it more than a couple of listens to have it eventually grow on me.

But I’m not a music critic, I just felt like typing. As I said in the beginning I just really love talking about Tracy Bonham, and I wish more people knew about her so I could have someone to share her awesomeness with.


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