a long time coming

Last night was a great night, finally after weeks of what feels like being behind schedule. I got the actor I needed, and had a hay-day. Frolicking around downtown Vancouver, in gross looking back alleys and the like, getting all the shots needed. I would probably have liked to have all the equipment in the world, but I just have my little HD camera. It took us around 2 hours from the beginning to the end of the shoot, which probably doesn’t sound like much, but this first scene is roughly 30 seconds. So that’s more than enough footage to work with. But I probably have to go downtown again tonight and get a couple of insert shots.

So, now that it’s out of the way. The next bigger part of the episode is coming up, and once I get my locations and actors in place. It’s pretty much golden.
As per usual, Here’s some more video. More Screen tests of our lovely little chair in action.

Also, there’s probably a lot of people still wondering what the hell this ghost chair thing even is. Well I don’t want to get too into it until the episodes are even done and uploaded, so you’ll just have to hang tight for now.


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