Don’t vote for me, it’s a bad idea. I’m a Canadian.

As my Roommate pointed out one night, “The things you do for shits and giggles is pretty awesome.” The beginning of this week had one of the weirdest events of my life. For those of you who know, (or don’t know) The Tester is a Reality show on the PlayStation 3’s Online Network. It’s a show about competing to win a job as a game tester, for Sony’s Quality Assurance Department.

The Job is really not that great of a thing to win.

But I ended up enjoying the first season and thought how great it would be to join in on the 2nd season, and I wouldn’t have cared what it took. The one problem coming into the competition was that I had to be a physical resident of USA. Psh, fuck that right? there can be a way. I just need a work Visa. With my Career I want to be able to do work in both countries, but sadly that couldn’t be the case. It was pretty amazing for the week though.

I had my profile and everything set-up weeks in advance and the voting was about to start Monday evening. At that point this gamer community that I hang out with (on the internet) Got together and sent me some votes. The next morning, to my surprise. A casting Director for the show gives me a call and tells me, “We really like your video and we want to have a skype interview with you on Thursday.”

My whole reaction to the thing was “no fucking way.” This literally happens, the next morning that the voting even started and I get an interview? At first I’m thinking how wrong this is, but at the same time maybe we could figure something out, and I’d be able to get onto the show. After all, for me it wasn’t about getting the job so much as it was to get onto the tester. a QA job I could just walk over to EA here and apply.

Come thursday, my own apartment is a waiting room. 3pm rolls around and the message of “The meeting might be a little late we’re experiencing technical Difficulties.” It’s all well and fine, and I sit there on an uncomfortable wooden, fold up chair for 30 minutes. Then the bad news hits.

“There’s a problem, it says here that you’re a legal citizen of Canada, but was is your status in the US?”

It wasn’t going to get better, I explain my situation, and he tells me sorry it’s not going to work out. Granted, I knew it wouldn’t, but it’s great to know that I actually made it that far. I spent the entire time never hiding the fact that I was a Canadian citizen, and it only took that long, for it to be a no go. It’s a shame really. I will never be able to fully understand Canadian/American Relations based on how goddamn similar we practically are. That’s just how it is though.

It was great while it lasted and now I have other things to do. I guess I am not lost in my Ghost Chair work. And Filming for it will START EVER SO SOON!! I’m am excite!


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