The one where I talk

Lo and Behold. Every once in a while I get this itching sensation. The sensation that I really haven’t talked to anyone in a really long time. Which is funny because I talk a lot (even if a good chunk of it is to myself – for vocal warming reasons – I’m trying to stop with my stupid arse mumbling.), No dear reader, I’m still considering the fact that this blog is still read by at least two people (0.5 if I’m so lucky) and instead of emailing, I just going to down right blog.

FACT: E-mailing is a simple act that surprisingly makes me uncomfortable. It’s the work of the devil, derived of grammatical structure and therefore incomprehensible, by my unnecessary old man tendencies.

Lesson 1) The heat is teen angst all up in my grill. I’m never going to give myself the time to go out to the beach, because it’s hours away and I think I’m making up excuses that I don’t want to go. I want to blame the heat, but what I’m really blaming is the fact that I should probably spend the next 200 years of my life being busy, and not enjoying the simple things… But at least I get a Forrest to walk in. But what I really want is a bowl of ice cream. Make it so.

Lesson 2) My agent is a wonderful man with a strange sense of humour. I say that because I’m going to be sitting in a room with little people (PC correct) as we all go for the same role of a tiny tiny man. THAT’S RIGHT, I’m 6’4”. that’s an anecdote hopefully worth repeating after the day is over. There’s also a plethora of Voice auditions that I’m going to crack down on tonight, It’s for a video game and it’s getting done in Toronto. I don’t know if that means I’m going there, but I hear the pay is good. But I’m past the point where I’m looking forward to getting roles and just doing my best and getting jaded about it later. ( With the way I write, I’m also hoping that all of this blog is under the guise of being funny.)

Lesson 3) I’ve had 45 minutes of sleep total since 11:30 this morning.

Lesson 2.5) I took a break and ate some ice cream.

Lesson 4) I’m just going to say it here, because I have to get it out of my head. I had this brilliant idea, but it’s the only idea where I have to say it directly to my awesome friend Idadada (too many das, I know) but this has to do with a story from a long time ago. Ida handed me a delightful book called Candide, by the author Voltaire. In it’s age, it’s actually a hilariously Dark story about Optimism. It’s fitting for a person like me to get such a book, and it’s even more wonderful that Ida was the one that handed it to me, because I don’t think I ever would have received it any other way. BUT this isn’t really the point of the story. (Although it is a wonderful anecdote.)

Weeks ago I had an amazing break through. If you’re like me you’re a gold mine of written material. But this is the first time I’ve ever actually wanted to base a feature on a novel. I have a character called Daniel Wyke, which is poetic tall tales about one man having a peculiar life. It hit me that the two cross each other so perfectly. There’s a lot about the story Candide, that is remarkably depressing. Any bad situation you could probably think of probably happens, and it’s always taken for a grain of salt and everyone carries on. Daniel Wyke is a story about a man, who has everything happen to him and he never truly understands why because, every situation is far from realistic.

Now follow me with this one.

I want to add the two together.

Blows your mind, I know I’m a genius. This will probably be my 6th feature. :P But the nature of it, I wouldn’t want anyone else to proof read it, but my friend. There’s a humour and tone that I think she would actually understand how it’s supposed to go or something or whatever.

But I think for both of us, It’s going to be on the back burner for the moment, because we both have busy lives that we need to get rolling on our own. But the delight of having this around for when we ever hit that time… It’s good enough to me.

I think that’s the most I ever wrote, and I’m my own critic on what I write, I’m going to try not to read it… you’ll have to tell me how it goes.


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