Production blog Weekend – GHOST CHAIR

When I was a child, Hero comics were all the rage with me. (As with probably anyone at that age.) I also liked to think that I was quite the creative genius in that time and I used to draw a lot of my own comics to spark my imagination. Political Intrigue, Science Fiction, Romance, ‘Splosions. All crossed my teenage mind. Then every once in a while an idea so bad it’s good came in and rocked the world (my circle of friends) as an amazing one shot comic strip… That I initially did three times.

The Premise was simple: A ghostly Hero that fights crime, and is also a chair. Ridiculous, Preposterous, but funny in a strange and interesting way. At least to us. They were good gags that were never played out, so always stayed funny in our minds.

Lately, since the film industry has been slow for me. I’ve been forcing myself to imagine productions of my own design. Which would be great expect for a lot of things have been in writing limbo. Just needing to get the ball rolling in something is enough, so within some strange happenstance, Ghost Chair was brought up.

So here was the idea, Six short webisodes of a crime fighting piece of office furniture. With a story based off of the original comic strips. Basing it off of the original strips is also a challenge due to the subject matter. See, Hillary Duff is one of the key players in the strip. Her name is part of a terrible gag. So it’s a challenge to myself to see if we can get her involved. It will probably never happen, but while were working on this production, the adventure of getting her attention will probably be half the fun and might grace us as an inside joke near the end of it.

Hopefully, for every moment we’re working on this, I will have enough to say in this little blog. But I can tell you that we have a lot to do. Aside from the (wonderful) Script, We have to find the right chair, and Model it in XSI. (sounds interesting? More on that one later :P ) Locations scouting, Screen tests, Story Boards, and getting the right actors for the job.

So we mark this as the first official production blog for ghost chair, and it hopefully won’t be the last. I can only hope it’ll hold your interest and you’ll enjoy it. Now, excuse me while I find out how to ask Hilary Duff a question…


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