well here we go.

I had my first “strictly Improv” audition Some time ago. It’s opened my eyes a little on my skills. Considering I haven’t been doing the improv thing for probably a really long time now. I was both confident and had no idea what I was doing at the same time.

The Audition was at the ScotiaBank Dance centre. The same building where I had my VFS Graduation. So it was kind of neat to go back to that place for that kind of reason. Walking up to the Elevator I was greeted by an older gentleman going to the same audition. We met a girl* who was organizing everyone in the waiting room, then we sat down and waited for the haps. Talked a bit to each other about where we were standing as actors. He seemed nice. Then another old dude came in for the same thing and I felt a little off put in a sense. when you’re my age and you look at these older gents it makes you wonder exactly what the audition is.

But we all got to go at the same time.

There was a small crew in the audition room a couple more floors up, Script Supervisor, Camera guy, and ones who I’m assuming are the Director and his PA? They were quite the characters.

We introduced ourselves to the camera. (I honestly had no idea where to look so my eyes darted everywhere.) and then proceeded to improvise. This was the strange part for me.

I was improvising in every one of the scenarios thrown at the three of us. That could go two ways. It was either because he liked what he was seeing, or he wanted to see if I fit into anything. I wasn’t keeping my hopes up or lowering my expectations but that’s just how it was. But it was fun. Since coming out of VFS I’ve never been too nervous (if at all) and I’ve enjoyed doing my little thing. There’s a difference between trying to impress your teachers and just doing it, regardless of getting the part or not.

At the end the Director looked at me and said “Go and eat something..”


“Go and eat something..”


“What’s the Longest, you’ve ever been poor?”

“…Right now!? I’ve been broke for pretty much two years.”

It wasn’t much but I felt as though it was a significant conversation. I did go for a pizza slice afterward.

*Hilariously, The girl in the waiting room. on the way out thanked us for our time. and I proceeded to ask her if there’s anything else I could do while I was here and almost asked her if she wanted to go out for a coffee, but quickly changed it to “can I get you a..”

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