always with the dreaming.

I keep having dreams lately that feel more real to me than, what I’ve got going on here. But I think my dreams are so vivid because what I usually find myself dreaming about. Often times, my dreaming never goes beyond realistic. Very mundane, unimportant, uninteresting… but very pleasant to the mind.

Lately I’ve been having dreams about people that are awesome but just don’t live here anymore. The people that I’ve just never heard from in a really long time, so it’s like the dreams have been a way of catching up with them, and having a pleasant chat. one of the recent ones I can remember is me and my friend Ida conversing over coffee while we watched people on a skating rink. and we caught up. Talked for hours, about everything we wanted to tell the other. I woke up happy, as if I felt like I hung out with her for a whole day an it boosted my spirit.

Funny how my subconscious rationalizes my behavior by faking interaction with the people I miss.

At least it’s better than the one where somebody died, and it freaked me out alllll day, until they finally got back to me.


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