An Enigma Shrouded in Bubble wrap.

It’s no surprise that I can go off my rocker now and again, but I think I should be commended for not going off my rocker as of late. Well… over anything stupid anyway. More or less, since I’m finally doing the thing I want to do, all I can say is how awesome life is. I NEVER get to say that.

Acting side up, is a little down at the moment. I’m unaware of my next time on set, but I have another audition to look forward to tomorrow morning. SO I have to at least do some laundry tonight, so I don’t feel like a slob when I get there. A audition for a pilot that would put my pilot on hold if I got the part. so either way I look at it, I’m working on a pilot.

Yay me.

Yay life.



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