Here’s a/the skinny.

Keeping up with what I’m trying to do with this Socialite pilot, there’s been a couple of issues here and there. Mainly, how it’s being written, and I’m not sure if I touched up on this before. When I originally started, I had a love for dry/subtle humour. The kind that you have to think about, Because that’s the kind of TV we don’t have enough of.

But then I started wanting help from a friend of mine and it became not what it is. It’s always funny, when you want to have somebody co-pilot with you on a script. Especially when you know that your tastes are so completely different. So the past two(?) meetings I’ve fought to keep some things in it. I’m passionate about tiny aspects. Example:

“The phrase ‘Things are coming up Millhouse.’ is a reference to the Simpsons. It’s taken out of context when one of the characters says ‘Everything will be Millhouse.’ in short, it’s an indirect reference that wouldn’t make sense to a lot of people. But if there is people out there that do understand, then that makes it all the better.”

Granted, he didn’t like that at all. I can understand that it wouldn’t not make sense to a huge majority of people, but one line isn’t a whole episode. SO I had a plan. Not only was I going to fight to keep it in, but I’m going to find any possible way to keep using that word in every episode:

  1. Because, I know he doesn’t like it.
  2. If you use it enough times, it becomes it’s own thing. That way all the cool kids will want to use Millhouse as a slang word in their everyday life.
  3. I’m a dork.

Isn’t that a charming story for a charming weekend. The more I get into this, the more it will compel me to do Video logs. But that’s only if this keeps going, and so far that’s looking pretty tasty.

[Editing Note: I always feel like I need to make these things look pretty.]


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