What a weekend.

Friday I was on set. The Whole day out in a Graveyard in Victoria. It was pretty awesome, ilbiet a little windy and a mad case of Hiccups at some point. I’m not one to go into detail, but it’s cool to be working with these guys, and it looks pretty awesome. As always, I would be looking forward to more.

Save for an Olympic filled weekend, I’ve recieved an audition for Monday. So really aside from cheering for Canada, I’ve spent a good majority of the weekend, going over my lines. It’s one of those roles that I can really get excited for.

My confidence just knows no boundries.

So that’s something I should just be getting back to anyway. I just haven’t blogged anything worth note in a while. ( The Hustle and Bustle of life can never be that interesting to read, if it’s pretty much like everyone elses. )


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