Socialite, Part twosicle.

While everyone was gathering around watching the Olympics be Olympical tonight, I was busy. See, Script writing is a serious business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Collaborating with my friend Zac meant hours of discussion and Lines being changed. Like litterally, Hours of work. I got here at around 4:30 and I guess we didn’t stop till 9-ish.

The Best part is we are only halfway through.

The point is, when you take something this seriously. It’s not going to be a bloody cake walk. You can’t just write up the script a couple of times and say that it’s done. Especially if you’re writing for a TV show. because you have to worry about Character Development, and future Episodes. Which we have more than enough ideas for.

As a writer I understand what my faults are, which makes me appriciate the fact that I’m not doing this alone. Especially since it’s a hopeful TV show. I’ve even put a lot of my stubborness on hold, except where I’ve basically had to be convinced about where and when something specific was going to happen (And it only took an hour… I think?)

We are scheduling our next meet on Wednesday to finish up the rest of this, but since our little break I took it upon myself to write up what we already went over, and now I should probably have a snooze. (It is pretty late.)

Tommorow I have to make sure I have the lines ready for the scene I’m getting into next week. My days seem to be getting more fun, as long as I believe them to beeee.


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