I often think, that I can only really do myself a service, if I’m actually writing and/or producing instead of auditioning till I get something.

My contribution to society is that I’m actually more than capable of writing a decent idea: Short, tv show, movie. I probably had it all wrong and should have went into the writing course at VFS so I could have a better grasp on this shit.

Socialite was something I had to reluctantly sit on for a year, because I found myself falling deeper and deeper into personal situations, and not really knowing what was going on or how I should deal with it. I was at loss, for the most part, because I don’t really partake in human things as much as everyone else forces themselves to. Socialite was struggling to do anything, because I wanted key people to be a part of it, all the time.

I still pretty much do, but it’s gotten in the way less. I’ve written the second draft thus far, and my friend Zac will be my co-pilot in the writing of the 3rd draft when we meet up on Friday.

I know, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I didn’t want to give up doing it. But, having people you care for telling you that you’re a loser that doesn’t do anything with his life, kind of makes you WANT to not do anything. I’m surprised nobody has really figured that out yet.

So here you go kids. Cognition’s Shooting schedule has moved around, and I don’t exactly have a script yet. but I’ll let you know how that comes along.


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