The haunting

A week ago, I gave myself the mission of beating Grand Theft Auto 4. Previously I have already beaten it, but since creating my own Profile on my roomate’s PS3 I’ve been in a bit of a frenzy of playing the games I like for the trophies I have.

GTA4 is very under appriciated in this day and age. At the time it was awesome, with it’s own set of problems. Now it’s Dated with even more noticable problems. (Keep this in mind while I type this)

The Goal I set out for at the begining of playing was beating the game under 30 hours. This was a gold trophy, and there isn’t a lot of gold Trophies with this game. So Naturally you go for the gold. As quickly as I could I jumped from one mission to the next. Niko’s life is before is eyes, full on and forward. No time for breaks, just go go go. Having so much stress brought on in such quickly of a time, can do a lot to a man’s mind.

But it was coming to an end as quickly as it started. Niko was ready to stop, he confronted his demons, met a nice Irish girl, and his cousin was getting married. Only to have it all come to an end, and Jimmy The douchePeg, aims for Niko killing Kate instead.

Needless to say, if you didn’t know already… Niko got pretty upset.

In a cold sweat of Revenge Niko Belic (Esquire) Rampages his way to a Bullet in Peggy boy’s Brain, but was it all worth it? Niko wasn’t really sure. and after the Credits, I got on a Boat back to the island, ready to continue his now empty life… or so I thought.

Reaching the island, and Jacking a nearby car. Heading to a safe house to sleep on it, I get a call. With ‘Unkown Caller’ showing up on my phone I have no idea who is could possibly be.

“Hey Europe! It’s America… and Ireland.”


Niko couldn’t believe it, He watched her die! She was in his arms! He had other calls too. Roman being sympathetic, Packie in tears over the loss of His sister. So who was this woman he was having dinner with? a Doppleganger? Ghost? A memory? I can’t begin to imagine what would probably be going through Poor little Niko’s head.

And as took her home, Still in a shock of why She’s still around, there was only one thing I could possibly do in this situation.

I took my chances.

Even in death she won’t put out.


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