Late evening, early morning joy.


This week felt pretty frantic for me, in comparrison to most weeks I usually have. I have completed my new demo reeling, and it feels good to have it done. Being over and under prepared cancels out to be abolutely nothing, and then we carry on.

It was cool to actually meet some of the people on the Roster, I feel a bit of an awkward commentary to a cast of characters, but that’s how I usually cast myself anyway (Character trait). I can’t help but be rediculously shy at first UNLESS I’m around people that I know (Frankly I’m surprised at how brave I was at some of my auditions). Michelle was a breathe of fresh air and full of spunk, compared to the usual “women-that-hate-me-beyond-my-own-comprehension-that-I-love-and-cherish-and-want-in-my-life” (haha zing!). Josh was quite a shutter bug and I wonder if I will see all the pictures he ended up taking for those two days.

But I guess as it suggests, the demo reels are very well beneficial, and it would be neat to see how they turned out. Two of my scenes are strange in a visual sense, The kind of stuff I would get a kick out of.


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