The part in the story where they call you the working actor.

What a week it’s been guys.

Aside from the hectic bru-ha-ha of late night tv, the research upon research of scenes I want to look for (upon which finding them), my strange sleep schedule, and my errandous ways.

I heard back from my audition and I got a part in it.

I didn’t really expect that at all. Imagine my surprise to hear beautiful news while running around, what can only be, prop heaven.

Today has been my favorite day.

but It’s not stopping there. I still have scenes to go over and a demo reel to worry about next week. I’m hungry now.

PS. Below is a picture of my favorite scary looking life size figure of Hulk Hogan, which was seen at the previously mentioned, “Prop Heaven” (I’m calling it Prop Heaven, because I can’t remember what it’s actually called.)


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