The second “Late Shift”…

As much as I could probably like watching television, what I like a little more, is the politics behind it. This whole Tonight Show fiasco has grabed a lot of attention, including mine. I’ve loyaly watched Conan O’brien when he hosted ‘Late Night’ so seeing him move to the Tonight show was pretty exciting. Even though I haven’t watched him as much as I used to, I still try to watch when I can. If that TV goes on, it knows where it’s priority is.

Seeing NBC make a mistake like this again, is kind of pathetic on thier part.

If you didn’t know, 17 years ago the fate of the Tonight Show was battled between Leno and Letterman. Letterman worked really hard to get the chance to host, but NBC just really wanted Leno regardless. Thus Letterman jumped to CBS. Years later, this is exactly what Conan is going through. Even though He made it to the tonight show and kept it for 7 months. The fact that Leno’s 10pm show was doing terrible, and the decision to move him back to 11:35, more or less means that Leno is going to get the tonight show back. A statement Conan made tuesday, sets in stone that Conan will walk if ‘Tonight” gets pushes to 12:05 making it “Tommorow”.

So it all goes full circle.

It’s a shame. Leno may have been good in the begining, but his schtick is old and tiresome. Leno has to look at this and not be okay with it. For Conan to get the show and be pushed around with it, is (in a sense) a public humiliation. Conan is literally in the same shoes as Letterman, and if NBC chooses Leno over CoCo. Then I am more than Happy if he walks away, weither it’s loyalty to him as a viewer or not. NBC shouldn’t have made the same mistake twice.


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