“I lost my mind upon giving it to a lunatic… A very pretty one.”

This evening I had a coffee, with Cesar and it was nice to catch up. The point was to talk about pictures that I wanted to take for Acid Clockwerk. revamping the site of sorts… like promotional shots.

It involved a lot of tangents about AC before I could actually get around to talking about what I’ve wanted to do. But the shots involved the character Kenneth. I would also have liked Gwendolyn, but there’s a part of me that feels if anything, If I ever get to make any deals and make monies and shorts, that part is for all intents and pourposes, reserved for my Dear friend Ida. But Gwenless I guess I could manage.

A good portion of the coffee time was talking about like and things. It felt great to see someone I know outside of my terrible life, and just talk about ANYTHING. It’s a bit of a tear jerker if you look back on it, Because I never really get these little moments in life.

It felt like I haven’t talked about anything in 4 years.

[ THIS IS A SOAP BOX: My favorite part of the evening is when I talked about what was on my mind for months. About how we live in a cynical day and age, where people think they need to get ahead by being judgemental or bitter about life and everything to get ahead. People who are nice, get treated like creeps or stalkers. General acknoledgement of Humanity can’t be allowed at all.

I may be cynical and Negative to a point where it looks like a trend, but I can honestly say I’m more positive than most. ]

For myself, I want to talk about this some other time later…


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