I am sitting in a coffee shop…

…listening to Barry Chou.

He erupts with news of Agency-ism and it kind of disrupts my mantra a bit. Because I came to the coffee shop to sit here and write, to be honest I probably won’t get any of that done.

But it’s not his fault, because I bumped into Mikal Grant and it was pretty exciting to see him. It’s impossible to not have a Man crush with that guy. (Laugh Out Loud)

So where do we go from here? I have an “interviewdition” this weekend, for a feature that blows my mind. I love the kind of roles that make your eyes pop out of your head and think, “Dude, Totally!” I wouldn’t like to express the details because it’s that exciting to me.

Amoung other things, My “I’m going to work out as well as I can with nothing but my own household objects.” Has come into play, and my Body is sore.

I’m aware that I never work out at all, but that’s what makes it good if I’m actually starting to. It’s a terrible frame of mind when you think, I’ve never had a reason to until now. So me arms are burning, and my posture is slowly being worked on over time. As I write this, I’m subtly reminded about sitting up strait.


So, I guess we’ll see where the weekend takes us.


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