“The tree was tired of growing sideways, so it grew up.” (inside joke)

Today is my sister April’s birthday.

For her birthday she recieved another child. It’s a girl. Another girl. Now I have to be around kids that are twice as girly :p hahaha.

I’m sitting around in just pants blogging, as I’m yet to continue cleaning the apartment. I have to clean it, you see, because I agreed to let Barry use it to film his demo reel.

This will be fun, and exciting.

In other news, I accidentally neglected previous acting training on my resume. BOY AM I SILLYface. Naturally I added it to my resume, now it just kind of looks more fuller. Going to get new headshots, and then I’ll be set.

Barry also agreed to do a short with me, I think. I think he agreed. It’s a short character peice. and It’s a Acid Clockwerk Short. So I’m kind of hoping that it’ll be interesting. In a dark sense. not that it has to be lol.

In other news, That girl is a little naive, but I’m going to put up with it. :)


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