I’m whoring myself.

go to efingmedia.com If you don’t already.
It’s edgy, it’s fast, it’s fun.. it might be offensive sometimes? i dunno people have different taste. And if you like what we do (DO THIS NEXT STEP ANYWAY) Click on the Advertisements. That’s what they’re there for. for everyone you click, we get a little bit of income.

And if you think this site is wonderful. let your friends know. and tell them the same thing. “This is great! click some ads! make them money!” Who knows you might find an ad for something you would like.. so you should probably click that stuff too.

In this time of economic downfall we all gotta do something for cash. Some people give hand jobs, I put funny words together in a sentance. So Help a brotha out.


3 thoughts on “HEY I DOUBT YOU READ THIS

  1. What’s the website about?I’m still not sure…

    And hey Mike I’m following your blogs! Hugs!

  2. Hi Cesar! Efing Media is Fake Journalism… of sorts. it’s fun, we do whatever we want with it. So it’s just kind of what it is lol

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