There’s a story in all of this.

A time ago, I crafted the story of a stand up comedian.

This Comedian was never happy with his own life, which is surprising to some as to why he’s taken a liking to making people laugh. But the man isn’t happy with his life so much, that he wishes for death, and in a mundane deadpan way, makes it his stand up routine.

He’s good enough at it, that the audience actually laughs. So He keeps it up… Even the bad things about life deserve to be laughed at.

In the process a stranger walks in on his set, who practically shares the same views as he. She takes intrest in the man, as some higher intellectual level catches on that it’s not a joke. She’s facinated, and through the process of him, discovers a solution to her own problems with life.

“Misery loves company.”

It’s a tragedy, as I’ve been on a kick of wanting to do Dark Comedy. So as her story comes to a resolve. will the man reach his goal as well?

It’s interesting to say the least, half happy ending, half tragic ending. The world will be in confuse…ment….


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