Here’s a question, for people that never read this.

If you knew there was something you had to do, no matter how rediculous everyone else thinks it is, would you do it anyway?

Some one was under the impression that I am an alcoholic and a wreck, this person goes and says it to someone else like it’s fact. How fucking weird is that?

The shit that I have to put up with. All because I’m the kind of guy that nobody listens to and everyone walks all over.

When do I get that little moment of incandescent Joy.


2 thoughts on “Here’s a question, for people that never read this.

  1. But you don’t like joy?
    And you misspelled ridiculous :P
    Was that person me, because I used to think you were an alcoholic, now I’m not so sure anymore mind you since you can stop when you feel like it, although I think maybe you’re like me (well, go figure!) that you have a problem but it comes and goes and you’re not sure wether or not the alcohol is part of the problem or merely a biproduct of the problem.. anyways, things are good then I presume? ;)

  2. I can like joy :(

    and no it wasn’t you. It was a joke that my friend made that some one took very seriously. And about the alcoholism.. I don’t know.. I get bored of repetitive nature. Doesn’t matter what it is. :P

    And as of things being good now? I don’t know if I can even answer that. Apparently, even if I’m in a good mood, people can still hear/see sadness.

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