Forgive me, that I never really post here anymore it seems. A lot of my time, has been dicking around on it’s fun, I feel like I’m yet to unlock the potential of what it brings.

It’s Related to in a sense, it belongs in the same universe. All the Bloggers are characters, and I originally made the mistake of using Jason Benedict as a character.

He belongs in a different story, that begins sad. It’s an afterlife story of sorts, So the story of him begins when he dies. So, if I ever get around to it. We’d have to announce on the Blog that Jason Passed away.

It’s kind of neat if you think about it I dunno. I mean, he gets to hang around with Kenneth, Who is the front runner for the Stage Scripts. (He doesn’t exsist, but the afterlife is his home. He’s also a puppet master of sorts. So something goes wrong and he makes Jason Deal with it. good stuff. It’s my take on an Actiony flick)

So that’s it. I’ll find a music video for this month soon.. but till then, stay classy.


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