My biggest fear.

Is to be a fad. That usually happens.

One minute everybody loves you, then the more they get to know you the less they seem to care.
but I suppose that’s like an understatement.

In the process of cleaning my room, I figured I might as well move out. Maybe I should. Where I’m going to go though, who knows.

Life is a pretty big phase.

I keep coming up with Socialites and never any opportunity to do them. I want to get my passport finished because, I want to have a relationship that doesn’t make any sense.

Nothing kind of really pretty much possibly I’d say so makes any sense right now.

“Look at you, you’re pathetic.”

“In what way?”

“You know, when you walk down the street and you find a twenty dollar bill on the ground, so you look around to see if anyone else see’s this, and then you pick it up, and you’re jolly and walking around some more and then you see 36 cents on the ground. So you pick that up and you walk around some more, then some one asks you if you have $20.36 and you say sure and you look in your wallet but all you have is a five in there because you put all the money you found in a different pocket at the time, but you were clearly not thinking about putting it in the wallet. But you say the 5 is all you got and you give it too him and he says ‘God bless’ and leaves?”

“That’s probably more of a strange happenstance, then a anecdote of being pathetic.”


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