you’ve got to be kidding me

I use my kungdoejoe account to put up garbage. So I find it absolutely hillarious that guess waht…

FF7 PS3 Hit over 3,000 views just now. It’s the only on of the videos that made it that far.. probably because it has both FF7 and PS3 in the title.


2 thoughts on “you’ve got to be kidding me

  1. I think it really depends on what PS3 you got. I was able to get the 60GB PS3 while they still made them which included everything. The 80GB and 40GB are not backwards compatible. I have a copy of FFVII and recently played it on my PS3. It works, you might just have a bunk version or disk.

  2. We got it when it first came out.
    The thing we never told anyone in the video is that the game is just scratched. Once it’s finished with opening cinematic the rest of the game actually works.

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