an update.

I’ve spent my entire day sitting in front of my computer, ‘working on my career.’ recently buying is definitely pushing me a little bit in the right direction to put it to use.

On that note, making websites is fun. If you like that kind of thing. I enjoy a good website making day, but I’m also a simple man. I’m not much for bells and whistles, which is probably why I’m still stuck in the web 1.0 era. I like html, I don’t need anything more than that. hahaha. I’m coming up with a lot of neat ideas for the site, and I can’t wait to show it off at a later time. But it’ll take waiting for the most part. Becuase I’m going to Edmonton for a bit.

August 1st till the 12th. I’m really excited, because there are some people there that I haven’t seen in a really long time. Me and my roomate planned this trip around going to ANIMETHON! Mind you, yeah It’s not cool. but I love just being there doing my thing. I just sit around and draw free comic strips and ask for donations. It’s amazing how it works lol. It’s also been a while since I’ve been to a convention in general, so I’m probably not going to be okay with the atmosphere. It’s one of those things that has to grow on you.

Oh and visiting friends too. yey.

That’s the most I’ve ever said in the longest time. Well, that’s it for now anyway.


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