The Ballad of Kenneth and Gwendolyn

The Two prominent Figures of the video collection of ACSJs being worked on. are Kenneth And Gwendolyn. The Ying and Yang of this Created Acid Clockwerk Universe. They both serve the same purpose in the whole deal that they are the ones “telling the stories” As you could easily just have one. But when I had the idea of Kenneth, I wanted a man of his type to have a female counterpart with the same kind of qualities. It’s funny because they are the same person, but the way I wrote a Monologue for Kenneth, It was a pretty Mature way to represent the guy. It was also rather emotion-less. Nothing wrong with that, I wanted to make the character neutral. He is the way he is, because in a character view, you can’t tell what story is going to come out of him.

Gwendolyn is a different story. She’s the more aggressive one. As Kenneth expresses things as facts, she expresses stories about people in a cynical way. It came in rather well in a monologue about the youtube generation. Gwendolyn, out of the two, is the one that Expresses more emotion. In a sense that can make her the stronger character. Kenneth is habitually empty, but, he tries when he is around her.

When I wrote a scene with those two in it, and only those two. It was fun to create, because those two are lovers. But the fact is, that who they are makes them ambiguous when they are around each other. So I decided to make it artsy and weird, which totally works and is actually funny. Kenneth talks in such a detached way, But Gwendolyn cares about him regardless. She’s willing to help him out with whatever he’s trying to say.

They are my favorite characters to think about, because they are a center of the project. but because it’s not really about them per-say. I am guaranteed to keep wanting to use them. One day soon, I’ll get to show you what I’m talking about.


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