What I’ve been up to (the update)

Besides the ‘OMG I NEED A FUCKING JOB LIEK WHOA!’ Epidemic that I’m going through. I’ve been writing me some Acid Clockwerks. As it stands. 26-ish pages. 2 monologues and 7 sketches. So needless to say I’ve been doing pretty good in the writing department.

I know a lot of these are probably going to be hits and misses. But this is why I keep writing, because everything is bound to work anyway. It’s quite the ambitious project in some respect. Because it doesn’t really have a budget on it, at all. Nor will it ever probably. but this is going to be something I want to sell. So all I need is time really.

One of the Prominent characters for the whole thing is a Man named Kenneth. I am of course writing myself into that role because I think it’s appropriate seeing’s how ACSJ is my baby, hurhurhur. But I’ve always has a vision for the thing that, not only is there the main man to the whole story. I always wanted a female counterpart for him. I recently wrote something for Gwendolyn today. It’s one of the more artsy-fartsy kind of things that I’ve hilariously wanted to do. The Point of these two is that they are the story tellers of the acid clockwerk I’ve only had Kenneth have one monologue and have him Narrate one of the stories. So ingeniously Gwendolyn is going to be doing the same thing. Which is great. Because I’m pondering the idea of a story off between the two.

The problem, is that I have a Gwendolyn in mind, and our friendship is currently under repair. which is crummy, because These two are lovers. It’s a strange kind of love, but it’s still love.

So.. If push comes to shove. I’ll need a Gwendolyn audition. Then again, I can always just talk to her. LAWLZ

I’m also trying to start a band…. For the Acid Clockwerk, Not for reals.

That’s it for now, When I have something else to talk about, I’ll be sure to post.


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