Diary Girl.. seriously?

I’m going to tell you about one of the most facinating games for my DS that I’ve played so far this year. It’s colorful, exciting, and host many ways to customize. Diary girl, a game about practically nothing but writing in your DS, stories about how things are pretty, boys you like, and even the time you cut yourself. All of your emotional vomit locked away, with your own super secret password. You might ask yourself, what is a grown man doing, playing a non-game that appeals to the democraphic of little girls that need to have something just because they nag to their mother. That’s a good question… I don’t know how to answer that. All I know is, for some reason or another, this thing is actually kind of fun!

What is it all about exactly? what can you do? I mean, besides the obvious fact that it’s a diary. On the opposite screen, is a girl that you can customize. chose between poses, the colour of her skin, hair. clothing ect. Succesfully, I was able to make the most whorish looking Facegurl in the history of female character customization. The concept of the customization makes you keep coming back, as the more journal posts you make, or mini-games you finish, unlocks a new peice of clothing that’ll make you “wonder what it would look like if she wore this.” but that’s probably the most exciting part of the game. After I would muster up the most brilliant diary entry, or kick ass at ‘girly mahjong’. DING! NEW SHOES! DING! NEW COAT! DING! NOW YOU CAN TRY A DIFFERENT FACE! I would squeal in excitement, and announce to everyone in the room that my chick just got new digs.

Mini-games range from match-it(mahjong), two of a kind, puzzle, diamond maze, and my personal favorite, TOUCH RYTHM. Although it ranges from easy to hard, it’s unfair for me to comment on that because I can compriehend things a little better than a child. but gosh. It’s actually fun to waste your time on these things. Had enough of the minigames? take some quizes to find out what kind of girl you are. I’m a ‘party girl’, I know this becuase the game told me so.

Above all this game has a chat mode. that’s right. you can either link up to girls around you and type things to each other.. or you can, get this, use the Wi-Fi to talk to anyone around the world.I wish I could tell you what it’s like, but the online chatting actually requires you to have friends, and I’m not about to go out of my way and ask if there’s anyone else out there that has this game.

That’s basically this thing in a nutshell. buy it for your little girl to see if she’ll actually use it. if not, Messing around with it yourself is just as fun. you can write, customize, play games and take quizzes, all the while dying a little bit inside every time.


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