My time at VFS now over…

You aren't alone prodfoto

My Chapter at VFS has now come to a close, gone are the 9 to 5 exercises to hone your skill. Gone is the Drama. Gone is the same people everyday for a year. I will never forget this place, a lot of things happened here. I was able to have emotion, I was able to play, be creative. I wouldn’t like to admit it, but I’ve also had my heart broken here. More than once… by the same person… Gone are all the wonderful teachers that have taught me over the months. who are now my colleagues. Gone are all the friends I had and used to have. Now everything is different.

Now that I’m done being over dramatic, I suppose I couldn’t be happier to be done with school and ready to run around the acting industry like a chicken with my head cut off. Our final day, our Graduation was filled with a lot of speeches and a lot of crying. Then we finished it with a musical that us students have been working on for 7 days strait. It wasn’t much of a day for me, but for others it meant a lot. Their parents happy to see them accomplish a year of acting school, with hope in their hearts. It makes me wonder who I’m going to see again out there on a set.

The worst part of the day is seeing the one I love, make out with someone else in front of me. I don’t appreciate that kind of thing, it was pretty rude. but what can you do huh? I just wouldn’t have imagined my time at VFS to end like that.

One day I’ll get a happy ending.


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