I have to make a statement.

I’ve been thinking.

I think the reason why I’m still single is because I’m smart. Then again, the reason why I’m cynical is because I’m smart. I don’t think there’s a lot of women out there that like the cynical type.

Yet for some reason. I’m the best person to go to when someone has a relationship problem.

why the fuck?

I bet you I’d be the best boyfriend ever….
You know… without trying to sound arrogant.

It’s just one of those things that make me wonder why I’m still chasing the same girl, yet I give great advice.


One thought on “I have to make a statement.

  1. I bet I’d make the best girlfriend ever… if only I could find a way to keep my mouth shut and block out the tragic wit and sarcasm no men ever find amusing!

    Good post :)

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