I have me some chops


I shaved recently… but just for a character. Andrew, a one liner ‘dunder-fuck’ I felt like getting the chops on for this guy because he asked a stupid question that makes somebody cry. I love it. My facial hair is very versatile it seems. I always have the beard, I had a mustache for a week. now I have me some chops. I wonder what else I can actually pull off.

Although I must admit, I like the chops… I might keep em going for a while.

Last night, a spur of the moment photoshop job happened. because along the lines, somebody forgot to give me material to work with, and then we eventually forgot about it. But I last minute pulled it all out of my ass and everything was fine. Then this morning I promptly went over to the set to deliver it.. but, like an idiot, I took the wrong bus and found myself walking for 20 blocks. just to give them a picture.

as I was going home they asked me if I’d like to come back and sit around as an extra. “Fuck that.” I thought, and kept on my way homeward bound.

An interesting thing on my way walking back to a bus stop. I cut through an elementary school and saw a tree that made me want to take pictures. One day I’ll go back to it me thinks.


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