Tangent, and then Improv week

I have to admit, I’m crazy for Smash Bros. Brawl. I can’t wait for it to come out, Sunday is going to be the most amazing day of my life. I’ve been hooked since the N64 version, and still to this day have been playing melee. well.. that’s going to change when I get brawl, but really come on, BEST GAME EVER! for me at least. Something about A bunch of Nintendo characters beating the smack out of each other is just so incredibly awesome.

Plus the inclusion of online play actually makes me want to play the game competitively. Which is why I’m also signing up for a tournament that’s going down at Here at Metrotown. I’m that crazy about it I guess. The original point of talking about this is this link full of funny pictures taking when playing the game (stupid sexy snake) God every time I see anything Brawl related I just get sooo pumped to play the friggin game.

Soon… sooooooooooooon…

So anyway, Improv week Day two was interesting. A thing was brought up first thing in the morning, That the writing Department of VFS filed a complaint to the acting department about actors making comments to the writers. I guess it was that, because they were only working together for a week, the writers felt that the actors were stepping over some boundaries. This makes sense to me… We only have a week to work with each other, that’s not a lot of time to get to know a person. So you have to instantly just be professional about everything, which is hard because we’re all still in school so we’re all going to still act like it.

But an argument was close to breaking out because they thought the teacher was talking about this week now, when in fact she was just talking about something that was brought to her attention. That actually just kind of aggravated me a bit. but it was an interesting day to say the least and I actually got out of class pretty early. (3’o’clock as opposed to 5.)

Then I came home and played Skate, got another sponsor, Wheels ha ha, I like dorking out with a good game.


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